KWS05 – Wilderness Experience

This is a 6 day safari starting and ending in Nairdobi.

Day 1 Nairobi – Lake Nakuru

Flamingoes in the lake.After breakfast, departure to the Rift Valley floor to Lake Nakuru. Drive to see the black and white rhinos, Rothschild giraffes, waterbuck and millions of flamingoes from which the lake derives its name “the pink lake”. This is a bird watchers paradise.


Nakuru – Kericho

View of a Kericho tea plantation.

Drive to Kericho seeing the magnificent tea estates. Take lunch at Kericho while being entertained by the cultural Kalenjin dancers who have a diverse culture.


Nakuru – Kisumu

Lake VictoriaProceed to Kisumu, passing through the Rice Plantations. Kisumu is a town on the shores of Lake Victoria (the biggest fresh water lake in Africa- second the world over). Dinner and night at a The Imperial Hotel.

Day 2 Kisumu – Kakamega Forest

Leave Kisumu after breakfast early in the morning to Kakamega forest, a remnant of the tropical rain forest once extending from east to West Africa. It is home to plants of medicinal values among others, animals and many species of birds, insects and reptiles. Lunch, dinner and night in this unique place.

Day 3 Kakamega Forest

Kakamega forestEarly morning, trek through the Kakamega Forest there numerous species of monkeys like the De-brazza monkey, black and white colobus monkeys, looking like country and western singers with their tasselled limbs, redtailed monkey, potto (a large nocturnal sloth like creature), bushbaby, tree pangolin and leopard. There are over 320 species of birds. After launch entertainment by the Sukuti traditional dancers.

Departed for Kisumu reaching in the evening, checked in at
The Imperial hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 4 Kisumu – Kisii

After breakfast depart to Kisii. Spectacular views of rice fields at Ahero and mountainous tern towards Kisii. At Kisii take a mouth watering dish served with bananas since Kisii is well known for banana farming. Kisii are also well known for their carving in stone, using a locally quarried soapstone. They use a locally quarried soapstone to produce a range of carvings. The most popular items are small animals, chess pieces based on traditional African designs and more functional items such as egg cups, soap dishes and coasters.

The soapstone here varies in colour from white (the easiest to carve) through various shades of pink to a deep lustrous red (the most difficult to carve).
Depart for Massai Mara reaching in the evening, short game drive followed by dinner and overnight.

Day 5 Massai Mara

Mara GiraffeRise early with tea or coffee brought to tent. At dawn set off for another drive on the plains. Return to the camp for a leisurely breakfast. Afterwards, take an escorted walk around the camp grounds learning about the flora and medicinal uses of various shrubs and trees. Perspective viewing of the terrain and fauna whilst crossing the plains and traversing bushland in the surrounding areas. Take lunch and a chance to enjoy a siesta in one of the hammocks slung between the trees. Afternoon tea is followed by further game-viewing to sunset. Return to camp for an evening around the campfire. Take hot showers, then an aperitif before dining under the stars.

Day 6 Massai Mara

A final early morning game drive in the Aitong region with a picnic breakfast is a popular option. Depart for Nairobi at noon reaching at 6.00 p.m.